SAH WiA AG Registers Committee | Virtual Meeting Agenda, December 18, 2020

Link to the document: SAH WiA AG RegCom_1stMtngAgenda


The SAH WiA AG Registers Committee represents the breath of interests of the community of the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) by creating a comprehensive database on women’s contribution to the discipline, with a trifold focus on Registers, Lists, and Catalogues of:  1/Archives/Libraries/Collections; 2/Bibliographic Resources; 3/Networks of Likeminded Organizations.

This initiative has been announced at the First Meeting of the SAH WiA AG Center in September 2020: global and open to proposals, initiatives, and projects that support the SAH WiA AG mission.
Nature of the project: information/research/collaboration/educator resource.
Terms: long-term project, in its early stage, all parts in-progress.

The Purpose of the Committee is to create, maintain and advance:

  • SAH WiA AG Register of Archives, Libraries, Museums, other learned centers, of all scale, across continents, that collect, preserve, and promote women’s contributions to the built environment
  • SAH WiA AG Bibliographies – a catalogue of bibliographic resources: 1) written about women’s contribution to the built environment integrating works in broader diversity, border and cross-disciplinary studies, covering various geographies, and areas relevant to understanding and teaching the subject; and 2) written by women who are architectural and art historians, educators, curators, critics, other protagonists in our profession.
  • SAH WiA AG Network – a register of likeminded organizations, institutions, and other alliances across borders and disciplines

Structure and Organization

Co-Chairs: Anna Sokolina and Barbara Ann Opar
Meral Ekincioglu Archives, Bibliographies
Gül Kale 
Networks, Bibliographies
Barbara Ann Opar 
Libraries, Bibliographies
Laura Sánchez Carrasco 
Rebecca Siefert 
Organization and contribution
Anna Sokolina 
General contribution and organization
Nina Stritzler-Levine 
Archives, Museums, Bibliographies
Margaret B. Vickery 
Bibliographies and organization

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