SAH WiA AG Registers Committee | Virtual Meeting Agenda, January 21, 2021

Link to the document:  SAH WiA AG RegCom_2MtngAgenda

  1.   Opening and Organization
  • Second Meeting of the SAH WiA AG Registers Committee – Anna 

– Gratitude to All for your correspondence and ideas, to Rebecca for organizing the meeting, Barbara and Rebecca for zoom meetings
– Introduction of the new Committee Member: Alicia Imperiale, PhD, Architect, Visiting Associate Professor, Pratt Institute SoA (emphasis on Networks, Archives) – Alicia’s individual intro

  • Committee Members—individual confirmation of particular focus of contribution and initial comments on Committee work

Meral Ekincioglu Archives, Bibliographies
Alicia Imperiale Networks, Archives
Gül Kale Networks, Bibliographies
Barbara Ann Opar Libraries, Bibliographies
Laura Sánchez Carrasco Networks
Rebecca Siefert Organization and contribution
Anna Sokolina General contribution and organization
Nina Stritzler-Levine Archives, Museums, Bibliographies
Margaret B. Vickery Bibliographies and organization

  1.   Guidelines and Members’ Contribution
  • Guidelines

– Individual Members’ contribution: time table, frequency of updates
– Registers and Catalogues database format and interface for online cross-references–to be linked to the SAH WiA AG Commons platform and the site
– Networks, Archives, Libraries, and Museums database– to include weblinks, (key words?), comments, a particular focus of interest
– Students’ participation: ideas

  • Committee Members

Barbara—leadership on sorting out SAH reference pages: Booklists and Exhibition Catalog Lists ( and creating two Biblio Catalogues: published 1/by women; 2/about women; students’ participation
Nina—Registers Committee Calendar of Events initiative; Annmarie Adams reference: BEAT (
MegCommittee nexus to integrate lists, will be receiving-retaining all submissions for further organization, Anna—collect submissions and expedite to designated theme leader
Gül—sort out Digital Resources | Society of Architectural Historians (
– Laura and Meral—please email your ideas to Barbara or Anna, and collected lists to Meg
Alicia—(Anna): when creating the Register of Networks (including weblinks and particular interests), would you include AIA WIAs (state and regional), also our group officer Priya Jain referred to Women In Design Group – AIA. A general research women design group – Google Search provides with countless references and your expertise is needed to sort out through these collectives

  1.   Queries and Discussion
  • Intellectual Property, List of Donors, List of Individual Collections

If adopting authored collections, including our own, should the Committee honor them as gifts to the SAH WiA AG community?  These lists entail time, effort and talent and, though not copyrighted, can be termed as intellectual property.  Should we compose the list of donors, and not only create an integral themed database but retain the original authored resource lists as well?

  • Funding Opportunities for this Project

Budgeting, consulting with the SAH Office, grant applicationsdiscussion postponed


  1.   Preparing for “March 2021: SAH WiA Celebrating Women’s History Month”

–  February Committee Meeting: date, guidelines, individual contribution and schedule
–  Rebecca and Anna will put together and open in early March a Committee website in SAH Commons: contents to be confirmed in February
–  SAH WiA AG Communications Team to announce and cross-post the Registers Committee project on SAH WiA social pages
–  Anna to place a Registers Committee soliciting data announce on SAH Opportunities website
–  All Committee members—during the month of March repost it, with links to the SAH page/ SAH WiA AG pages


  1.   Other Business

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