SAH WiA Registers Committee | Virtual Meeting Agenda, March 4, 2021 Link to the document:  SAH WiA AG RegCom_3MtngAgenda   Opening and Organization Third Meeting of the SAH WiA Registers Committee – Sokolina  – Congratulations to All on Women’s History Month! – Gratitude to All for your correspondence and ideas, to Rebecca for organizing the meeting, Barbara and Meral for developing first collections, Barbara for involving students in this project, Barbara and Meg for the ongoing discussion and consulting on Registers formatting and the interface for online cross-references – March 1 Launch of Registers Committee page in SAH Commons, as part of the Program “March 2021: SAH WiARead More →

MARCH 2021: SAH WiA AG CELEBRATES WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH PROGRAM   February 11 SAH WiA AG Center Second Virtual Meeting Agenda: Sokolina, time table: Siefert Electronic flyer design: Sokolina, distribution to listserv: Vickery, online publication: Sokolina March 1  Greeting Letter to SAH WiA AG Members: Sokolina, listserv distribution: Vickery March 1, 2021 Launch of the SAH WiA AG Registers Committee page in SAH Commons: Siefert, Sokolina, Registers Committee – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (   March 1–30 Wikipedia Editing for the Women in Architecture Edit-a-Thon. Join the initiative here:; 210301_Women in Arch_edit-a-thon.pptx (  Project sponsored by SAH Women in Architecture AG, lead and SAH announce:Read More →

Letter from the SAH WiA AG Chair March 1, 2021   Dear Friends and Colleagues, It’s a privilege for me to extend greetings to our community on the first day of Women’s History Month. Our Program March 2021: SAH WiA AG Celebrating Women’s History Month is commencing today. It is supported by the Society of Architectural Historians—please join us! First SAH CONNECTS Webinar, “The Advent of Women Architectural Professionals, a US-UK Comparative Perspective,” March 8, 2021, 12:00–1:30pm CST, is scheduled to commemorate the International Women’s Day. Organized by Shelley E. Roff, SAH WiA AG Associate Chair, and Elizabeth Darling, Convener of the WAHN, SAHGB, and sponsored byRead More →