Call for Papers: SAH Women in Architecture AG virtual panel “Inspired by History to Form the Future” at the “Architectural Intelligence” Conference, organized by AIA SV Chapter’s Women in Architecture (WIA) Committee, September 2021. Please submit your Abstract (200 words) and a short biography (150 words) by May 19, 2021, to In SAH Opportunities: Call for Papers: SAH Women in Architecture AG panel “Inspired by History to Form the Future” at the “Architectural Intelligence” Conference of the AIA SV Chapter’s WIA Committee, Sep. 2021 SAH Women in Architecture AG has been invited by the Women in Architecture (WIA) Committee of AIA Silicon Valley ChapterRead More →

SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group seeks Nominations and Self-Nominations for Officers’ positions of the SAH WiA Center.   Email by May 22, 2021, and include URL of your professional website. In SAH Opportunities: Call for Nominations/Self-nominations: SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Lead Team Associate Chair, or Co-Chairs, to serve a term of three years, or a sequence of consecutive three-year terms, or until their successor is elected —in line with SAH terms of elected Directors—and take on the office of the Chair (Co-Chairs) at the end of their term, to provide continuity and perform all the duties incidental to the management. Associate Secretary–Treasurer, toRead More →

SAH Women in Architecture AG Center: First Inclusive Meeting Agenda September 9, 2020, 12:00-1:00 PM CST The original document: SAHWiAAG Center_1MtngAgda 1. Opening — Anna Sokolina, Interim Chair, and Rebecca Siefert, Interim Communications Officer Introduction and Welcome — Sokolina This is a historical event, a milestone with a remarkable potential of revising the past and paving the way toward the equitable and just future of our discipline, across borders and cultural divides—an empowering international threshold for the SAH which was established at Harvard University 80 years ago by 25 male historians as an exclusive Society of American Architectural Historians. Our leadership is a teamwork, and onlyRead More →

SAH Women in Architecture AG Center: Third Meeting Agenda April 19, 2021, 2:00 pm CST/ 3:00 pm EST The original document: SAHWiAAG Center_3MtngAgda 1.  Greetings and update – Sokolina 2021 SAH Virtual Conference Apr 13–17 + May 4–27 (paper sessions and events + 11 roundtables) Program ( According to SAH Bylaws and SAH WiA AG Bylaws, this Business Meeting of the Group is scheduled during the Annual SAH Conference: due to covid-19 it is downsized to the Meeting of the Center. Formal Terms of our group’ Officers start after the Conference, matching the terms of the SAH Board of Directors. Success of our first program MarchRead More →