SAH Women in Architecture AG Report 9.29.2021 The SAH Women in Architecture AG Report 9.29.2021 submitted to the Board and the Executive Committee of the Society of Architectural Historians, contains two business items: 1) our report in the requested format, and 2) this report with broader Insights, as permitted for our additional submission. Both documents have been reviewed by the Officers of SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Center: Chair: Anna Sokolina, Advising Chair: Annmarie Adams, Associate Chairs: Shelley E. Roff, Shailee Dave, Ola Uduku; Secretary–Treasurer: Margaret B. Vickery, Executive Administrator: Rebecca Siefert, Communications Officer: Danielle S. Willkens, Web News Editor: Yan Wencheng, Associate Secretary–Treasurer: Ipek Mehmetoglu, Associate Administrators: Elisa Dainese, AvniRead More →