SAH WiA AG Registers Committee | Virtual Meeting Agenda, October 15, 2021 SAH WiA AG Registers Committee: Co-chairs: Barbara Opar and Anna Sokolina, Committee Members: Meral Ekincioglu, Alicia Imperiale, Gül Kale, Gillian Mahoney, Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Rebecca Siefert, Nina Stritzler-Levine, Margaret B. Vickery Link to the document: SAH WiA AG RegCom_4MtngAgd+ Opening and Organization —   Fourth Meeting of the SAH WiA AG Registers Committee —Sokolina, Opar Gratitude to All for your support and commitment, and to Rebecca for organizing the meeting State of Committee —Sokolina, Opar Website Registers Committee – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group ( —Siefert, Sokolina Report of SAH WiA AG to SAH Board SAH Women inRead More →