SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Council: Sixth Meeting Agenda December 15, 2021, 10:00 am CST  SAH WiA AG Officers: Anna Sokolina, Annmarie Adams, Shailee Dave, Shelley E. Roff, Ola Uduku, Margaret B. Vickery, Rebecca Siefert, Danielle S. Willkens, Yan Wencheng, Ipek Mehmetoglu, Elisa Dainese, Avni Gor, Franca Trubiano, Priya Jain, Ex-Officio Barbara Ann Opar; invited attendance: Gül Kale, Registers Committee member The original document:  SAHWiAAGLead_6MtngAgd 1. Opening and Organization Sixth Meeting of SAH WiA AG Officers—Sokolina Gratitude to All for your commitment and support, and to Rebecca Siefert for organizing the meeting. Following this meeting, your feedback/modifications/confirmation are appreciated, for online publication of finalized Meeting Agenda 7 months sinceRead More →

Letter from SAH WiA AG Chair December 20, 2021 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Thank you for your support and engagement, resilience and strength, compassion and creativity, high-quality research and synergy! This year has challenged every aspect of our life, we all have been tested and have adapted new ways of working together.  Our SAH Women in Architecture AG directory is grown to over 400 members.  We are expanding our programming, strengthening our logistics, have received numerous letters from our members, the SAH Board, and in sisterhood from our colleagues across continents.  Our team is maintaining the SAH WiA AG website and five SAH WiA group communication platforms.Read More →