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Letter from the SAH WiA AG Chair

September 16, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for your support and votes! The results of the first SAH WiA Center elections by anonymous e-ballot are in, and after the First Virtual Meeting of the elected team, we are thrilled to announce the results and the official roster of SAH WiA group officers.

The Bylaws: approved.

Your elected SAH Women in Architecture AG Officers:

Chair: Anna Sokolina
Advising Chair: Annmarie Adams
Associate Chairs: Shelley E. Roff and Kathryn E. O’Rourke
In the critical time of launching the group, we are also commencing a large number of projects and initiatives that appear as a heavy lift for just one person, therefore both nominees are elected by the majority of votes.

Secretary-Treasurer: Julia Walker
Associate Secretary-Treasurer: Margaret B. Vickery
Communications Officer: Danielle S. Willkens
Associate Communications Officer: Priya Jain
Web Administrator: Rebecca Siefert
Associate Web Administrator: Franca Trubiano

It is a privilege for all of us to contribute to the cause.

Bylaws – please see: “ABOUT” under the title “BYLAWS.”
Officers – see: “ABOUT” under the title “SAH WIA CENTER: ELECTED OFFICERS.”

The Minutes of this Meeting are published in “Docs” on the group page. Please stay tuned for more information, and for details on upcoming events!

Be well and safe,

Anna Sokolina