March 2022: Celebrating Women’s History Month

SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Initiatives

SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (

1.         SAH WiA AG National Outreach
  • Commencement of the Women in Architecture Series in SAH Archipedia. This collaborative publication project highlights the work of women architects and the U.S. sites of significance in women’s history. Peer reviewed entries and essays, organized by Managing Editor Catherine Boland Erkkila, are available in this open-access encyclopedia published by the Society of Architectural Historians and the University of Virginia Press
  • SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group virtual panel “Inspired by History to Form the Future” at AI.22, the annual Architectural Intelligence Symposium organized by The American Institute of Architects, Silicon Valley Chapter, in collaboration with Dasha Ortenberg, Chair of AIA SVC Women in Architecture Committee, co-chairs: Anna Sokolina, PhD, and Priya Jain, AIA, LEED BD+C, speakers: Yan Wencheng, PhD, Dr. Meral Ekincioglu,Dr. Eva M. Alvarez Isidro, and Dr. Carlos J. Gómez Alfonso—in progress
2.         SAH WiA AG International Collaboration     
  • SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Virtual Roundtable “Challenges of Writing Architectural Histories of Undocumented/Underrepresented Groups with a Focus on Women” at Carleton University, Canada, moderator: Dr. Gul Kale, participants: Dr. Omeasoo Wahpasiw, Dr. Anooradha Siddiqi, Dr. Ipek Tureli, Dr. Helen Hills—March 23, 12:00 noon1:30 pm EST / 11:00 am12:30 pm CST, registration link in progress
  • SAH CONNECTS webinar “Architectural History and Conservation in South and East Asia” organized by Priya Jain, AIA, SAH WiA AG Interim National Outreach Coordinator, Assistant Professor, College of Architecture, Associate Director, Center for Heritage Conservation, Texas A&M University, and Yan Wencheng, PhD, SAH WiA AG Web News Editor; speakers from Hong Kong, China and the U.S.—in progress
  • The U.S.U.K. collaboration project, organized by Shelley E. Roff, PhD, SAH WiAAG Associate Chair, Associate Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Dr. Elizabeth Darling, Convener of the Women Architectural Historians’ Network, SAHGB, Reader in Architectural History, Oxford Brookes University—in progress
  • SAH CONNECTS webinar “Transnational Connections: Women’s Role in Disseminating Architectural Trends in the Twentieth Century” organized by Margaret B. Vickery, PhD, SAH WiA AG SecretaryDevelopment Liaison, Lecturer in Art and the History of Art, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; panelists from Denmark, Portugal and England—in progress
3.         Celebrating March 8—The International Women’s Day
  • Informal virtual meeting of SAH WiA AG leadership team and SAH Board Members
4.         SAH WiA AG Legacy Committee
  • Committee Website Launch
  • SAH Women in Architecture AG Annual WiA Award of Distinction: 3 rounds of peer review; Proposal submission to SAH Board
5.         SAH WiA AG Registers Committee

Registers Committee – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (

  • “SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography”—an ongoing project, first edition here, second edition in progress, Call for Submission of New References (books and theses / NO DEADLINE) here
  • “SAH Women in Architecture Oral History Interviews”—an ongoing project, Recording SAH History: life and work of remarkable SAH members; transcription of recorded interviews
6.         SAH WiA AG Student Mentoring Program
  • Program Inauguration and Website Launch
  • Organization, Internship Program announcement, list of first SAH WiA AG Interns
7.         SAH WiA AG Grants and Fellowships Meeting
  • Virtual working meeting of SAH WiA AG Development/Administration team: March 2
  • E-platform initiative
8.         SAH WiA AG Additional Elections
  • Call for nominations and vote by anonymous e-ballot: March 4–April 4, 2022; start of term: May 2022
9.         SAH WiA AG members’ presentations and books featured at 110th CAA Annual Conference 2022

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