MARCH 2021: SAH WiA AG CELEBRATES WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH PROGRAM   SAH CONNECTS Webinar on March 8, 2021 The Advent of Women Architectural Professionals (  Sponsored by SAH Women in Architecture AG and the SAHGB Women’s Architectural Historians’ Network    SAH CONNECTS Webinar on March 25, 2021 New Histories and New Practices | SAH CONNECTS  Sponsored by SAH Women in Architecture AG and AIA Silicon Valley Chapter’s WIA Committee    Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Sponsored by SAH Women in Architecture AG  Join the initiative here:;    210301_Women in Arch_edit-a-thon.pptx (     March 1, 2021 Launch of the SAH WiA AG Registers Committee Page: Registers Committee – SAHRead More →

Letter from the SAH WiA AG Chair March 1, 2021   Dear Friends and Colleagues, It’s a privilege for me to extend greetings to our community on the first day of Women’s History Month. Our Program March 2021: SAH WiA AG Celebrating Women’s History Month is commencing today. It is supported by the Society of Architectural Historians—please join us! First SAH CONNECTS Webinar, “The Advent of Women Architectural Professionals, a US-UK Comparative Perspective,” March 8, 2021, 12:00–1:30pm CST, is scheduled to commemorate the International Women’s Day. Organized by Shelley E. Roff, SAH WiA AG Associate Chair, and Elizabeth Darling, Convener of the WAHN, SAHGB, and sponsored byRead More →

SAH Women in Architecture AG Center: Second Meeting Agenda Thursday, February 11, 2021, 3:00-4:00pm EST/2:00-3:00pm CST The PDF of the document: SAHWiAAG Center_2ndMtngAgenda 1.  Opening and Insights 2.  “March 2021: SAH WiA AG Celebrating Women’s History Month” Program –  SAH CONNECTS Webinar March 8, 2021, 12:00–1:30 pm CST –  SAH CONNECTS Webinar March 25, 2021, 10:00-11:30 am CST –  SAH WiA AG Registers Committee: Website Launch –  Wikipedia WIA Edit-A-Thon Participation 3.  Roundtables and Group meetings at SAH Annual International Conferences –  2021 SAH Post-Montréal Virtual Programs: Virtual Roundtable of the SAH WiA AG, Textbooks in Focus: Women in Architecture Survey,  May 12, 2021, 12:00-1:30pm CSTRead More →

SAH Women in Architecture AG Center: First Meeting Agenda September 9, 2020, 12:00-1:00 PM CST The PDF of the document: SAHWiAAG Center_1stMtngAgenda 1. Opening 2. First Elections 3. Guidelines and Online Presence 4. Post-Montréal Annual International Conference Virtual Programs, May 3–28, 2021 5. 2021 Projects: SAH AGs’ and External Collaboration 6. Other BusinessRead More →

SAH WiA AG Registers Committee | Virtual Meeting Agenda, January 21, 2021 Link to the document:  SAH WiA AG RegCom_2MtngAgenda   Opening and Organization Second Meeting of the SAH WiA AG Registers Committee – Anna  – Gratitude to All for your correspondence and ideas, to Rebecca for organizing the meeting, Barbara and Rebecca for zoom meetings – Introduction of the new Committee Member: Alicia Imperiale, PhD, Architect, Visiting Associate Professor, Pratt Institute SoA (emphasis on Networks, Archives) – Alicia’s individual intro Committee Members—individual confirmation of particular focus of contribution and initial comments on Committee work Meral Ekincioglu Archives, Bibliographies Alicia Imperiale Networks, Archives Gül Kale Networks, Bibliographies Barbara Ann OparRead More →

SAH WiA AG Registers Committee | Virtual Meeting Agenda, December 18, 2020 Link to the document: SAH WiA AG RegCom_1stMtngAgenda   The SAH WiA AG Registers Committee represents the breath of interests of the community of the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) by creating a comprehensive database on women’s contribution to the discipline, with a trifold focus on Registers, Lists, and Catalogues of:  1/Archives/Libraries/Collections; 2/Bibliographic Resources; 3/Networks of Likeminded Organizations. This initiative has been announced at the First Meeting of the SAH WiA AG Center in September 2020: global and open to proposals, initiatives, and projects that support the SAH WiA AG mission. Nature of the project: information/research/collaboration/educator resource. Terms: long-term project, in itsRead More →

Letter from the SAH WiA AG Chair December 21, 2020   Dear Friends and Colleagues, Thank you for your participation and engagement! This year has challenged everyone personally and has tragically impacted our lives. However, the first steps of the SAH WiA community have proved our amazing potential. Our membership directory is growing, our SAH WiA AG Bylaws and the Logo identity are in place, and the Officers of the SAH WiA Center elected by you this September, are contributing their time and talent to the groundwork for our many projects. Our Communications/Media team is meeting biweekly, and we have developed and are maintaining SAHRead More →

SAH Women in Architecture AG Program: Celebrating March 2021 The SAH Women in Architecture AG Center invites Nominations/Self-nominations to contribute on the new SAH WiA Registers Committee. The Committee has been established by the SAH WiA AG Center with the purpose to create: SAH WiA Register of Archives, Libraries, Museums, other learned centers, of all scale, across continents, that collect, preserve, and promote women’s contributions to the built environment;  SAH WiA Network – a register of likeminded organizations, institutions, and other alliances across borders and disciplines; SAH WiA Bibliographies – a catalogue of bibliographic resources: 1) written about women’s contribution to the built environment integratingRead More →

The SAH WiA AG is now on Social Media! You can find us on: Facebook: SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Instagram:  @sahwiaag Linked In: Make sure to “Like” and “Follow!”Read More →