SAH WiA AG 10th Leadership Meeting May 31, 2023 | Meeting Agenda

SAH WiA AG Council: Chair: Anna Sokolina, Advising Chair: Wanda A. Bubriski, Associate Chairs: Rebecca Siefert and Ola Uduku, Senior Communications Lead: Priya Jain, Web News Editor: Yan Wencheng, National Outreach: Maristella Casciato, Mentoring Program: Gül Kale and Barbara Opar, Archivists: Barbara Opar and Neena Zutshi, Special Events: Gül Kale, Associate  Administrators: Avni Gor, Elisa Dainese and Kiana Darvish-Mansoori, Ex Officio: Patricia A. Morton, SAH President, Ben Thomas, SAH Executive Director

SAH WiA AG Registers Committee: Co-chairs: Barbara Opar and Anna Sokolina, Associate Chair: Rebecca Siefert, Committee Members: Alicia Imperiale, Gül Kale, Gillian Mahoney, Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Alexandra Staub, Nina Stritzler-Levine, Margaret B. Vickery

SAH WiA AG Legacy Committee: Chair: Anna Sokolina, Exec. Administrator: Rebecca Siefert, Committee Members: Esra Akcan, Jelena Bogdanović, Sigal Davidi, Catherine Boland Erkkila, Diane Elliott Gayer, Mary Anne Hunting, Kiwa Matsushita, Mari Nakahara, Katherine Kaford Papineau, Atsuko Tanaka, Thaisa Way, Julie Willis, Advising Members: Eva Alvarez, Carlos J. Gomez, Carmen Espegel, Elizabeth Martin-Malikian

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1.    Opening and Organization

1.1. 10th Meeting of SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group LeadersSokolina

Objectives: To mark the end of academic year, celebrate accomplishments, and discuss plans and projects.

Gratitude: to All for your commitment, to Rebecca Siefert for organizing this meeting.

Primary website:

Group Forum:

SAH WiA AG Reports:; most recent: SAH Women in Architecture AG Report 03.22.2023

Revision of SAH WiA AG Bylaws: published May 8, 2023, in accord with recently updated The SAH Affiliate Group Guidelines and SAH Bylaws. Gratitude to members of the Council for review and feedback.

1.2. Congratulations to our leaders elevated to new appointments:

–      Prof. Rebecca Siefert is now Associate Chair.

–      Recognition and gratitude to Prof. Shelley Roff for remarkable service as SAH WiA AG Associate Chair 202023. Shelley in collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Darling organized the first SAH WiA AG SAH CONNECTS Webinar in celebration of the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, The Advent of Women Architectural Professionals, a US-UK Comparative Perspective sponsored by SAH WiA AG and SAHGB Women’s Architectural Historians’ Network; developed a collaborative proposal for a Women in Architecture transatlantic diplomacy podcast, and two session proposals reviewed and supported by SAH WIA AG Council, most recent: Matronage in a New Light: Alternative Facets of Premodern Patronage.

–      Shelley Roff joined SAH WiA AG Registers Committee.

–      Prof. Priya Jain is now Senior Communications Lead.

–      Recognition and gratitude to Prof. Danielle S. Willkens for remarkable service as member of SAH WIA AG Council and outstanding contribution as our Communications Coordinator 2020–23. Danielle initiated and was administering our Twitter platform (331 Following, 209 Followers) and created our Women in Architecture Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon with over 1,000 visitors.

–      Welcome to new member of SAH WiA AG Registers Committee Alexandra Staub, PhD, Professor of Architecture, Penn State University. Individual introduction by Sandra.

Discussion: Sandra Staub, SAH WiA AG Registers Committee: to consider contribution to programs “Interactive Oral Histories” and Mentoring Program. Avni Gor, SAH WiA AG Associate Administrator leading SAH WiA AG LinkedIn platform: confirmation of interest and designation to lead group’s Twitter platform and publish announcements in Discussion of SAH WiA Group forum. Anna Sokolina: e-letters of recognition and gratitude in the name of the Group to outgoing leaders, communications with Danielle on transferring Twitter lead.

1.3. SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Leadership 2023: Call for Nominations


2.    SAH 76 Annual International Conference, Montréal, Canada, Apr 12–16, 2023

Leadership event: Reception on April 12 at McGill Faculty Club for members of SAH Affiliate Groups: Women in Architecture, Asian American & Diasporic Architectural History, SAH Minority Scholars, and SAH Race + Architectural History, sponsored by Peter Guo-Hua Fu School of Architecture. Group introduction outline:  SAH WiA AG Leadership Event 04.12.2023.

Recognition for this initiative to Prof. Gül Kale, member of SAH WiA AG Council.


3.    SAH WiA AG Legacy Committee LEGACY COMMITTEE – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (

3.1. Recognition Program

“SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Proposal to SAH Board to create an Award for Distinction in Scholarship on the History of Women in Architecture”

SAH Women in Architecture AG Proposal to SAH Board 3.24.22 – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (

We are grateful to SAH Board for consideration and insightful feedback. On May 5, we received the official response from Prof. Patricia Morton, SAH President. On April 12, 2023 SAH Board has established a “Procedure for Proposing a New SAH Award” and has decided to not approve the proposal as submitted. If we agree to resubmit the proposal, it must be a new proposal to adhere to the new procedure, including the requirement for a plan for raising funds to support the administration of award.

Discussion: Recognition of contribution by group members; assessment of the SAH Board feedback. Jelena Bogdanović: Insight into the contents and essence of the feedback. Wanda Bubriski: Framework for funding to administer the Award. Anna Sokolina: On history of the Program. While creating the Legacy Committee, she proposed three programs, one of those, the Recognition Program, would celebrate a trifold: activism, publications, and lifelong contribution of members of SAH WiA community. Pauline Saliga, SAH Execute Director, proposed to instead focus on developing one proposal for a WiA Award of Distinction and submit it to SAH Board. In the absence of formal procedure, it was a trailblazing effort. Following two rounds of peer review by members of WiA AG Legacy Committee, Pauline aided with final edits and proposal was submitted as part of group’s March 2022 program: Celebrating Women’s History Month. According to SAH Guideline for Affiliate Groups, AGs are not authorized to have own slate of awards or to handle fiscal matters on their own. WiA group is welcome to submit a new proposal. Alternatively, the initial Legacy Committee program can be revisited, and members accomplishments featured in the end-of-the year letter distributed through WiA AG listserv. Catherine Erkkila: we want to foster a sense of community. Wanda Bubriski: second Catherine, and the BWAF experience.

3.2. SAH WiA AG Archive

SAH WiA AG groundwork years: First submission of records to International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA), Virginia Tech University Libraries—in progress.

4.    SAH WiA AG Registers Committee Registers Committee – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (

4.1. SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography—second edition in progress, first edition: Recognition: to Barbara Opar for leadership; to Dr. Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Polytechnic University of Madrid, for expanded lists of titles in Spanish and Italian.

Discussion: Barbara Opar.

4.2. SAH WiA AG Interactive Oral Histories—ongoing project spearheaded by Rebecca Siefert and Barbara Opar, with interns supervised by Barbara Opar; new conversations to feature outstanding SAH members.

Discussion: Jelena Bogdanović, Barbara Opar, Rebecca Siefert, Anna Sokolina, Sandra Staub—to follow up in a separate meeting.

5      SAH WiA AG Virtual Presence

5.1. New webpage: Virtual Programs

Contents and design by Anna Sokolina, published by Rebecca Siefert.

Recognition: to Gül Kale for creative scholarship and posters.

Gratitude: to Helena Dean, SAH Director of Communications for assembling the “Past Programs” collection of SAH CONNECTS panels supported by SAH WiA AG

5.2. SAH WiA AG Media/Communications Team

All @sahwiaag media platforms are linked: sahwiaag | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Recognition: to Dr. Yan Wencheng, Web News Editor, for reliable coordination, and to Avni Gor and Kiana Darvish-Mansoori for creative contents updates.

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Discussion: Share/crosslist posts; new page “Grants and Fellowships Directory” based on the document created by Dr. Ipek Mehmetoglu, The Women in Architecture Grants and Fellowships Directory.