SAH WiA AG 11th Leadership Meeting October 16, 2023 | Meeting Agenda

SAH WiA AG Council: Chair: Anna Sokolina, Advising Chair: Wanda A. Bubriski, Associate Chairs: Rebecca Siefert and Ola Uduku, Senior Communications Lead: Priya Jain, Web News Editor: Yan Wencheng, National Outreach: Maristella Casciato, Mentoring Program: Gül Kale and Barbara Opar, Archivists: Barbara Opar and Neena Zutshi, Special Events: Gül Kale, Associate Administrators: Avni Gor and Elisa Dainese, Ex Officio: Patricia A. Morton, SAH President, Ben Thomas, SAH Executive Director. Invited new member: Anat Geva, PhD, Prof. Emerita of Architecture, Texas A&M University 

SAH WiA AG Registers Committee: Co-chairs: Barbara Opar and Anna Sokolina, Associate Chair: Rebecca Siefert, Committee Members: Alicia Imperiale, Gül Kale, Gillian Mahoney, Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Nina Stritzler-Levine, Margaret B. Vickery, Advising Member: Alexandra Staub

SAH WiA AG Legacy Committee: Chair: Anna Sokolina, Associate Chair: Rebecca Siefert, Committee Members: Esra Akcan, Jelena Bogdanović, Sigal Davidi, Catherine Boland Erkkila, Mary Anne Hunting, Kiwa Matsushita, Mari Nakahara, Katherine Kaford Papineau, Atsuko Tanaka, Thaisa Way, Julie Willis, Advising Members: Carmen Espegel, Diane Elliott Gayer, Elizabeth Martin-Malikian. Invited new advising members: Eva M. Alvarez and Carlos J. Gomez, UPV ETSA Spain.

Original document:

1.    Opening and Organization

1.1. 11th Meeting of SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group LeadersSokolina

Objectives: To recognize recent accomplishments and discuss programs for 2023–24 academic year. Gratitude: to All for your commitment, to Rebecca Siefert for organizing this meeting.

SAH Commons: Primary website

SAH Commons: Group Forum

SAH WiA AG Reports:; recent Report, with gratitude for feedback to all contributors SAH Women in Architecture AG Report 10.12.2023.

SAH WiA AG Programs and Scholarship:

1/ SAH Conference contribution; 2/ SAH CONNECTS contribution; 3/ Annual March Program: Celebrating Women’s History Month; 4/ Collaboration with SAH Board and collectives: SAH Archipedia, SAH AGs, SAH IDEAS; 5/ Mentoring Program; 6/ Registers & Legacy Committees—ongoing: SAH WiA Bibliography, 2nd ed.; SAH WiA Oral Histories, SAH WiA AG Special Events, Film Screenings & Discussions; 7/ National Outreach; 8/ International Collaboration; 9/ SAH WiA AG Archive; 10/ WiA Grants and Fellowships Directory.

1.2. Welcome to new members of SAH WiA AG leadership team, and introductions

     Welcome to SAH WiA AG Council—Anat Geva, PhD, Prof. Emerita of Architecture, Texas A&M University Anat Geva – Texas A&M University School of Architecture (, Anat Geva Receives Outstanding Alumni Award, Delivers Symposium Keynote (

     Welcome to SAH WiA AG Legacy Committee—Prof. Dr. Eva M. Alvarez, and Prof. Dr. Carlos J. Gomez, UPV ETSA, Valencia Polytechnic University, Spain,

1.3. SAH WiA AG letter: Celebrating Barbara Opar—50 years of work and service at Syracuse University Libraries. With gratitude to all contributors, with confirmation from Rachel Fox Von Swearingen, Collections Lead Librarian, Syracuse University Libraries, our letter was part of the video shown at the special event on Oct. 5. 2023.

1.4. SAH WiA AG Media/Communications Team

     Recognition: Dr. Yan Wencheng, Web News Editor, for reliable general coordination of WiA group platforms and Instagram administration; and WiA group Administrator Avni Gor for contents administration of 3 platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group: Overview | LinkedIn, FBSAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group | Facebook.

         SAH platforms: to share/retweet,, and SAH (@SAH1365) / Twitter.

        SAH Commons Group Discussion – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group – SAH Commons—here all SAH members are welcome to publish news for free distribution to our subscribers.

    Discussion: 1) Call for Nominations: Leadership 2023, in SAH Opportunities and via SAH WiA AG Listserv: Executive Admin; Media/Communications Admin; Special Events Lead; recommendations by Gül Kale, Jelena Bogdanović; 2) Collaboration with Helena Dean re: SAH page for recordings of WiA AG programs; and new page “Grants and Fellowships Directory” based on the document created by Ipek Mehmetoglu The Women in Architecture Grants and Fellowships Directory.

    1.5. SAH WiA AG In Memoriam of Beverly Willis Wanda Bubriski

    Obituary: Beverly Willis (1928–2023) ( “We share with deep sadness the passing of our dear founder, Beverly Willis FAIA, a titan in many fields, who showed us, among other lessons, that women can have many careers as they grow and find their true voices. Bev always wanted to be remembered for her work as an architect, but that was never enough for her: she became a real estate developer, an artist, an author, a producer, and an impresario of intellectual activity creating institutes of study including BWAF, her most recent venture, which emerged first as a means for scholarly recognition of women in the building industry, but which became a vehicle for creating a more inclusive and equitable culture in those professions. She truly did encourage and inspire other women throughout her life, stiffening their backbones and opening a new chapter for their achievement.”—Cynthia Phifer Kracauer BWAF Executive Director.

    Discussion: Wanda Bubriski on BWAF; reactivation of collaboration with Smithsonian NBM; Life of pioneering architect and women’s advocate Beverly Willis: in-person event on Nov 11, 2023.

    2.    SAH 77 Annual International Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Apr 17–21, 2024

    2.1. Group Membership Meeting: Communications with Christopher Kirbabas, SAH Director of Programs: 1/Wednesday, Apr 17, 9am-5pm 2/Thursday, Apr 18, 1:30-2:30pm 3/Friday, Apr 19, 1:30-2:30pm.

    Discussion: E to Christopher Kirbabas: confirmed Thursday, Apr 18, 1:30-2:30pm.

    2.2. SAH WiA AG does not present a focused session; group leaders serving as session chairs/speakers, e.g., Prof. Ola Uduku, co-chair with Em. Prof. Stuart W. Leslie, “Modernism and Healthcare in Africa.”

    2.3. WiA Group representative is invited to participate in SAH Architectural Studies affiliate group lunchtime panel organized by Kathryn O’Rourke:

    “Dear Colleagues – The SAH Architectural Studies Affiliate Group is planning a conversation at the 2024 conference dedicated to the challenges of teaching in the current political climate in the US, particularly in states that have moved to restrict what can be taught and have hampered efforts to diversify university campuses.  While these circumstances affect some of us much more than others, we believe that they have far-reaching implications for our discipline. We would love to partner with you in organizing this conversation. Below is a draft blurb about the session, which would take place –at lunchtime… Could you let me know if your group would like to help convene the discussion and/or send a representative as a panelist? We envision this as highly conversational but would welcome introductory remarks to help frame our discussion.

    SAH Architectural Studies Affiliate Group / Architectural Studies Now Quarterly Conversation /SAH Annual Conference, Albuquerque. This conversation, organized in partnership with TBD SAH Affiliate Groups, focuses on the challenges (and opportunities) of teaching architectural history to undergraduates in the current political climate in the US. As laws designed to curtail efforts to diversify institutions and support inclusive curricula, and to limit what can be taught in public schools and read in public libraries go into effect in multiple states, and as colleges and universities navigate new legal requirements and shifting student expectations, the …group invites SAH members to discuss how they are responding to these conditions and how SAH can support colleagues who face explicit and implicit threats to academic freedom.”  

    2.4. CFS: SAH WiA AG-supported virtual session at SAH Conference Virtual Program—to follow SAH CFS.

    Discussion: All meeting participants: supported unanimously: E to Kathryn and announce via listserv: WiA Group representative to participate in SAH Architectural Studies affiliate group lunchtime panel.

    3      Collaboration with SAH Board and collectives

        Contribution to the Journal of Society of Architectural Historians – Letter to the Editor of the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians: SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Tribute to Pauline Saliga for JSAH 82.4 (Dec 2023), submitted to Prof. David Karmon, reviewed, revised, copyedited, proofs, reconfirmed Oct 13, 2023—Anna Sokolina

        SAH panels participation: Member Meetups by SAH Board 9.12.23 SAH Commons: Curate Your Online Presence,

        Support of our members and sister affiliate groups and organizations, e.g.: Publication of members news: Olga Touloumi, session chair, CFP: EAUH 2024 conference, Ostrava, “Beyond the Boundary: Women in Urbanism”; Participation in SAH CONNECTS session organized by SAH Climate Change and Architectural History Affiliate Group “Confronting the Climate Crisis in Architectural History” 9.13.23 Confronting the Climate Crisis in Architectural History (, et al.

    Discussion: Anat Geva on SAH WiA AG Liaisons, e.g., to SECAC—supported unanimously.

    4.    SAH WiA AG Registers Committee

    Registers Committee – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (

    4.1. SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography—first edition: Second edition in progress. Recognition to authors: Barbara Opar for extraordinary leadership; Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Polytechnic University of Madrid, for expanded lists in Spanish and Italian.

    Discussion: Barbara Opar: 2 edn publ. in December.

    4.2. SAH WiA AG Oral Histories—ongoing project spearheaded by Rebecca Siefert and Barbara Opar, with interns supervised by Barbara Opar; new conversations to feature outstanding SAH members.

    Discussion: Rebecca Siefert and Barbara Opar

    5.    Mentoring Program

    Mentoring Program – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (

    –      Welcome extended to Anat Geva.

    –      The SAH WiA AG Mentoring Program represents the breath of interests of the SAH community. Program outline, 2022 panels and posters created by Gül Kale.The program aims to support and provide direction, training, and advising to SAH student members and junior faculty. Objectives: to create, advance, and implement proposed initiatives, with a vision toward equity, diversity, and inclusion. Projects implementation: Internships & Practicum Projects—most recent:

    –     Torojah Williams, MPH Candidate, Global Health/Teaching Assistant, Syracuse University Aug 2022–Present. Mentor: Barbara Ann Opar. Assignment: Tech support and assistance with the second edition of SAH WiA Bibliography.

    –     Kiana Darvish-Mansoori, M.A. student, Carleton University, Canada. Mentor: Gül Kale, 1–6.2022. Assignment: Media platform administrative support.

    Discussion: Barbara, Gül, Anat—plans: Gül: 2 panelsin December and in winter of 2024; SAH CONNECTS; Internships; Anat—Expanding program margins to all interested participants; The Inclusion and Social Justice Program; Program with Legacy Committee, SAH IDEAS, Affiliate groups.

    6.    SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (SAH WiA AG) Archive: First Collection

    Folders from 12.12.2019 to 07.19.2023

    Archival project: Groundwork records, submission on 7.19.2023 to the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) at Virginia Tech University Libraries, 20 folders containing 385 documentation files. Communications with IAWA Collections Archivist and the Director of Special Collections, Virginia Tech University Libraries; discussions with members of SAH WiA AG Council; the draft of general Information and list of folders created, peer reviewed and approved by SAH WiA AG Council. Folders finalized and submitted by Anna Sokolina; follow-up emailed to members of the Group Council. To reference in: 1) Fall 2023 WiA AG Report to SAH Board, and 2) End-of the year 2023 Letter of the Chair via Group Listserv to WiA AG Members.

    Discussion: Publication of the list of contents on SAH WiA AG website.

    7.    SAH WiA AG International Collaboration

    7.1.  VI International Conference on Architecture and Gender ICAG2023. Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain),  Oct 3–6, 2023; ICAG 2023 – VI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ARCHITECTURE AND GENDER ( Eva Alvarez, Carlos Gomez, Anna Sokolina

    –     SAH WiA AG gratitude: to SAH Board and Staff and to Helena Dean, SAH Director of Communications for vital support of this collaboration; to Polytechnic University of Valencia School of Architecture for insightful administration, to Professors Eva M. Álvarez and Carlos Gómez for extraordinary organization & hospitality.

    –     SAH WiA AG Recognition: to SAH WIA AG Media team Yan Wencheng and Avni Gor for consecutive dissemination of Conference updates.


    7.2.  Symposium WoArch: Women as Builders, Designers and Critics of the Built Environment before 1800. University of Arkansas, Rome Center Jan 25–27, 2024. SAH WiA AG is invited to alliance supporting the event.

    Discussion: Shelley E. Roff

    8    March 2024 Program: Celebrating Women’s History Month

    –     SAH WiA AG Staple Program

    –     SAH WiA AG Special Event: Celebrating March 8—The International Women’s Day

    Discussion: All initiative welcome!

    9.     Other Business

    SAH WiA AG address: We are grateful to SAH Board of Directors and SAH Staff for generous support and are committed to contribute to the SAH mission, collaborate with our members across continents, and bring new members to Society. We aim to advocate our cause of women in architecture by celebrating women’s pioneering achievements, with particular focus of professional leadership and scholarship of SAH members. We are in hope that our innovative projects and proposals will be continuously endorsed and supported by SAH Board.

    Discussion: Supported unanimously.