SAH WiA AG Registers and Legacy Committees | Joint Meeting Agenda, November 7, 2022

SAH WiA AG Registers Committee: Co-chairs: Barbara Opar, MLS, and Dr. Anna Sokolina, Exec. Administrator: Dr. Rebecca Siefert, Committee Members: Dr. Alicia Imperiale, Dr. Gül Kale, Gillian Mahoney, MLIS, Dr. Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Dr. Nina Stritzler-Levine, Dr. Margaret B. Vickery, Ex-officio: Dr. Shelley E. Roff and Dr. Ola Uduku

SAH WiA AG Legacy Committee: Chair: Dr. Anna Sokolina, Exec. Administrator: Dr. Rebecca Siefert, Committee Members: Dr. Esra Akcan, Dr. Jelena Bogdanovic, Dr. Sigal Davidi, Dr. Catherine Erkkila, Dr. Carmen Espegel, Prof. Diane Elliott Gayer, Dr. Mary Anne Hunting, Prof. Elizabeth Martin, Dr. Kiwa Matsushita, Dr. Mari Nakahara, Dr. Katherine Kaford Papineau, Dr. Atsuko Tanaka, Dr. Thaisa Way, Dr. Julie Willis

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  1. Opening and Organization

—   Joint Meeting of SAH WiA AG Registers and Legacy Committees—Sokolina, Opar

Registers Committee

Objectives: to create an inclusive database on women’s professional leadership and contribution to the discipline, with the focus on Registers, Lists, and Catalogues of 1)WiA Bibliographic Resources; 2) WiA Networks; 3) WiA Oral History Interviews:

  • SAH WiA Bibliography—a Register of bibliographic references that is composed of: 1) the list of books written ABOUT women’s contribution to the built environment integrating works in broader diversity, border- and cross-disciplinary studies, covering various geographies, and areas relevant to understanding and teaching the subject; 2) the list of books on the built environment authored/edited BY women, who are architectural and art historians, educators, curators, critics, other protagonists in our profession; 3) the list of theses ABOUT women’s contribution to the discipline
  • SAH WiA AG Networks—a Register of likeminded organizations, institutions, and other alliances across borders and disciplines
  • SAH WiA AG Oral History Interviews—a collection of recorded interviews documenting personal histories of women in profession

Legacy Committee

Mission: To preserve, advocate, and promote the Legacy of Women in Architecture and celebrate and honor remarkable SAH members: scholars, academics, activists, and other noted professionals who have contributed to the cause of gender equity across borders, demonstrated remarkable professional record, and championed the broad and progressive architectural knowledge. Objectives: to create, maintain, and advance events, programs, and recognition efforts celebrating women in architecture:

  • Events and Projects: Update: SAH has purchased a license on its Zoom account for AGs use: > The International Women’s Day: March 8; > Book Launch Annual Festival: virtual, hybrid, or in-person event; > Special Events featuring leadership of women: panels, book talks, exhibits, film viewings
  • Recognition Program: > Develop & submit to SAH Board the Proposal to Create an Award for Distinction in Scholarship on the History of Women in Architecture; > Collaborate annually with SAH Award Selection Committee
  • The SAH Women in Architecture Library and Archive: > Develop the collection based on SAH WiA Bibliography, Oral History Interviews, and scholarship; > Allocate a physical venue, collaborate, contribute, secure electronic access to records

Discussion: follow-up on earlier discussions and initiatives: proposal of Dr. Esra Akcan: the Inclusion and Social Justice Program in Legacy Committee programmingMotion to confirm and email her: unanimously; —Dr. Sokolina: collaboration with Race and Architectural History group; all projects welcome; —Dr. Gül Kale: on Mentoring Program webinar on Nov. 30, 2022, global approach with focus on diversity and inclusion; other efforts in progress: call for topics of interest; —Dr. Shelley Roff: on virtual programs’ limitations

  1. Collaborative Strategies

—   SAH WiA Bibliography 2023, 2nd ed.—Barbara Opar, Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Anna Sokolina, Rebecca Siefert

  • 1st ed., public access, publication with Introduction and Acknowledgements—Opar, Siefert, Sokolina, Vickery: SAH Commons site 7.15.21 The SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography (; SAH documents page 8.3.21 sah-women-in-architecture-bibliography-2021.pdf
  • 5 CFS in SAH Opportunities: Call for Bibliographic References to Expand “Women in Architecture Bibliography” (; updates from individual SAH members
  • Bibliographies in Spanish and in Italian—Dr. Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Department of Architectural Composition, Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM), Spain
  • Schedule is subject to modification: Draft in-progress by Barbara Opar with interns; for review by Registers Committee members c. late Nov-Dec; integrate feedback; second round of review by members of the Council and Legacy Committee and discussion during January w/ edits by Sokolina and added acknowledgements. For a March publication: final edition by early Feb 2023 Barbara Opar creating a writeup for SAH March Book List. A new Biblio site in Commons—Siefert and Sokolina. Promotion: through SAH Opportunities, Newsletter, SAH WiA group listserv & media

Discussion: —Barbara Opar: on contents, timetable, and students’ assistance; —Julie Willis: on additional lists of publications; —Anna Sokolina: on structure and progress; —Rebecca Siefert: on new website

  SAH WiA AG Oral History Interviews—Project Leadership: Rebecca Siefert, project support: Barbara Opar and Gul Kale; Mentoring Program interns Mentoring Program – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (; support and organization: Anna Sokolina

Discussion: 1) Designation confirmed; 2) To schedule a zoom meeting for additional discussion; 3) previous recommendations: Stritzler-Levine—focus on diversity> Sokolina—two approaches: proposal by Dr. Ipek Türeli, McGill, Canada Research Chair in Architectures of Spatial Justice; and on SAH identity: priority—to create a collection of OHI with outstanding SAH members and other extraordinary peers. Abundance of studies: to invite collaboration. SAH CONNECTS RT: Oral History and Architectural History- Theory, Politics, Method (; potential interviews w/ SAH Fellows:; SAH past presidents: Abigail A. Van Slyck, Dayton Prof. Emerita, Connecticut College; Prof. Victoria Young Alumna Victoria Young named 2019 Professor of the Year – University of Virginia School of Architecture; Dean Dianne Harris Dianne Harris – University of Pittsburgh Press (; Beverly Willis together w/ Wanda Bubriski, Founding Exec. Director of Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation Beverly Willis Archive – Beverly Willis, American Architect; Anat Geva, Prof. Emerita; also list: Board of Directors | Society of Architectural Historians (; 4) questionnaire; 5) online publication of interviews: inauguration of new website; —Dr. Mary Anne Hunting: on narratives in her book in progress

  SAH WiA AG Networks

Discussion: 1) Leadership needed—research & networking: RISD WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE TIMELINE (; Toronto, Canada BEAT (; ETH Zurich Women Writing Architecture; IAWA; BWAF Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation ( 2) Collaboration: Inclusion and Social Justice Program 3) Collaboration: SAH AGs

  Legacy Recognition Program

  • The Proposal to create “The Annual Award for Distinction in Scholarship on the History of Women in Architecture”: 3 rounds of peer review, collaboration of all SAH WiA AG lead teams & Exec. Director Pauline Saliga, initial subm. to SAH Board Jul 15, 2021, final subm. Mar 24, 2022
  • Gratitude:  to All peers who contributed. On status, Prof. Eliana Abu-Hamdi, SAH Board AGs Liaison, responded on Sep 6, 2022: “Your request has prompted a more holistic review of how SAH grants awards etc., and so, a special committee was formed to review the process.”

  1. SAH WiA AG Program: “March 2023: Celebrating Women’s History Month”
  • Committees’ Meeting
  • Publication of SAH WiA Bibliography 2023 (SAH website)
  • Websites launch: 1) 2nd edition of SAH WiA Bibliography, 2) SAH WiA AG Oral History Interviews
  • March 8th Special Event in progress: SAH WiA AG Mentoring Program virtual roundtable: Film viewing, and discussion moderated by Dr. Gül Kale. Special gratitude: to film director, recognized architect Amélie ESSÉSSÉ, and to Prof. Diane Elliott Gayer. Currently confirmed participants: Amélie ESSÉSSÉ, Diane Elliott Gayer, Gül Kale, Anna Sokolina. All SAH members are invited to participate and join the roundtable

Discussion: Gül Kale, Anna Sokolina

  • Other March Initiatives—SAH Google zoom account for AGs: all ideas welcome; SAH CONNECTS panel proposals, special events, Book Launch festival, book talks, virtual panels, collaborations

  1. SAH WiA AG at SAH Annual International Conferences
  • SAH 76th Annual International Conference in-person in Montréal, Canada, Apr 12–16, 2023, virtual sessions Sep 20–22, 2023

  Call for inquiries: Book launch events at the conference; —Group Membership Meeting + Group’s Networking Event

Discussion: Gül Kale, Rebecca Siefert

  • SAH 77th Annual International Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Apr 17–21, 2024

Discussion: Call for SAH WiA affiliate group Session Proposals published in SAH Opportunities Nov 4: Call for Session Proposals: SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Session at SAH 2024 Annual Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Discussion: Confirmation of planned programming