SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Council: Seventh Meeting Agenda

April 7, 2022, 10:00 am CST 

SAH WiA AG Council: Anna Sokolina, Annmarie Adams, Shelley E. Roff, Ola Uduku, Rebecca Siefert, Margaret B. Vickery, Danielle S. Willkens, Yan Wencheng, Barbara Ann Opar, Gül Kale, Ipek Mehmetoglu, Priya Jain, Elisa Dainese, Avni Gor; invited attendance of new members: Wanda Bubriski, Maristella Casciato, Neena Zutshi

The original document: 

1.            Opening and Organization

1.1.        7th Meeting of SAH WiA AG Council—Sokolina

  • Gratitude to All for your commitment, and to Rebecca Siefert for organizing this meeting.
  • SAH WiA AG Statement on war in Ukraine published on Feb 24 across five group platforms


Our group joined the SAH Statement, published on Mar 3, The Society of Architectural Historians Condemns the Russian Invasion of Ukraine ( We stand united with the people of Ukraine and all who oppose this war.

Discussion: Bubriski: Group’s priorities and goals; Kale: Open access members list; Casciato: on European, and Western vs. transcontinental guidelines and protocols; Sokolina: on objectives, mission, programs, Bylaws, security. Everyone’s feedback is appreciated by Apr 11, for online publication of this agenda

1.2.        2022 Elections 3.4–4.4: Analytics—Siefert

Bubriski: stepping in as Advising Chair; Casciato and Jain: National Outreach Programplease brief Sokolina on your projects by Apr 14; Kale: Mentoring Program / Special Events; Opar: Mentoring Program / WiA Archive; Zutshi: WiA Archive

Discussion: assignments confirmation—Kale and Opar; Jain—National Outreach Program, LinkedIn & OHI; New members of the Council, please email by Apr 14 your headshots to Sokolina and Siefert.

  • Recent update—Sokolina

Margaret B. Vickery’ note of resignation from her position as Development Liaison due to new job and family commitments. She stays as member of Registers Committee. Reflecting on her inspiration as the anchor to our members base, move to approve the change of the title of this position to “Anchor.” CurrentSAH-WiA-AG-BYLAWS.pdf (

The SecretaryDevelopment Liaison shall serve for a term of three years, or a sequence of consecutive three-year terms, or until their successor is elected, and shall be responsible for maintenance of membership records and all fiscal matters if such occur, distribute updates to the Group’s members via Listserv, and if requested, record the Minutes of Meetings of the Council.

Discussion: 1/ Change of title “Development Liaison” to “Anchor”; 2/ Confirmation of Ipek Mehmetoglu as Anchor, with support to be provided at any time by this team.

2.            State of Women in Architecture Affiliate Group

2.1.        SAH Women in Architecture AG Report to SAH Board 3.30.22 (Oct 2021–Mar 2022 & upcoming)

SAH WiA AG Programs—Sokolina

1/ National Outreach

2/ International Collaboration

3/ March Annual: Celebrating Women’s History Month

4/ SAH Conference


6/ Collaboration w/Registers & Legacy Committees—ongoing: SAH WiA Bibliography; SAH WiA Oral History Interviews; SAH WiA Award of Distinction Proposal

7/ Collaboration w/SAH Archipedia

8/ New: Mentoring Program (anno Mar 18)

9/ New project: Monthly Grants and Fellowships List (anno Mar 11)

2.2.        Submission to SAH Board of The Proposal to Create “The Annual Award for Distinction in Scholarship on the History of Women in Architecture,” 3 rounds of peer review in collaboration with SAH WiA AG Legacy Committee and SAH Executive Director Pauline Saliga—3.24.2022

Gratitude:  to All peers who contributed—receipt confirmed by Victoria Young & Pauline Saliga; to All who participated in writing the letter of recognition from our WiA group to Pauline Saliga

Discussion: Letter from our group to Pauline Sokolina: on Feb 25, letter has been emailed to Pauline and SAH Board; Casciato: need to publish it in September; Casciato, Opar & Sokolina: need to be read in person at SAH Conference Members Meeting; Casciato and Sokolina: to reach out to SAH Board and Conference Committee; Siefert: to read at SAH Conference WiA group meeting

2.3.         SAH 75th Annual International Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, April 27–May 1, 2022

  • SAH WiA AG Meeting: Apr 28, 1:30–2:30 pm, Westmoreland West, 2 Fl SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group Meeting (
  • Organization: moderator: Rebecca Siefert, in collaboration w/Danielle Willkens, presiding team: Barbara Ann Opar, Gül Kale, Ipek Mehmetoglu, Priya Jain, Wanda Bubriski, Maristella Casciato. Outline: 1/inaugural meeting; 2/Group intro: Mission, objectives, programs, projects; 3/leaders’ intro (see 2022 Report to SAH Board); Letter to Pauline Saliga; Discussion

Discussion: zoom leadership meetup next week to prepare for SAH Conference—Siefert

2.4.        Annual Program March 2022: Celebrating Women’s History Month

March 2022: Celebrating Women’s History Month – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (

  • Recognition:

        Meg B. Vickery, SAH WiA AG Secretary-Development Liaison, for creating monthly listserv and for secure distribution of most important news to SAH WiA community (Mar 1, 8, 9, 17)

        Catherine Boland Erkkila, WiA Legacy Committee member, for the launch in collaboration with our group, of the Women in Architecture Series in SAH Archipedia (Mar 1)

        Rebecca Siefert, WiA group Executive Administrator, for organization of Informal zoom meeting of SAH WiA AG leadership team and SAH Board Members to mark the International Women’s Day (Mar 8)

        Ipek Mehmetoglu and Meg B. Vickery, for organization of Virtual meeting of SAH WiA AG Development/Administration team (Mar 2) and for publication of the first Women in Architecture Grants and Fellowships Directory (Mar 11)

        Gül Kale, Mentoring Program Coordinator, for organization of the first SAH WiA AG Mentoring Program  Virtual Roundtable “Challenges of Writing Architectural Histories of Undocumented/ Underrepresented Groups with a Focus on Women” at Carleton University, Canada (Mar 23)

Discussion: For new e-pages, updates & published documents: please attend SAH WiA AG official site.

3.            SAH WiA AG Projects in Progress

3.1.        SAH WiA AG International Collaboration Program

  • The US-UK collaboration project organized with Elizabeth Darling, Women Architectural Historians’ Network, SAHGB—Shelley E. Roff
  • SAH CONNECTS webinar “Architectural History and Conservation in South and East Asia,” June 8, 2022Priya Jain and Yan Wencheng
  • SAH CONNECTS webinar, chair Margaret B. Vickery, “Transnational Connections: Women’s Role in Disseminating Architectural Trends in the Twentieth Century

3.2.        SAH WiA AG National Outreach ProgramSokolina

Virtual panel “Inspired by History to Form the Future” at AI.2022, AIA Silicon Valley Annual Architectural Intelligence Symposium, section “Equity,”  Apr 19, 11:30 am–12:30 pm CSTrecorded; moderators: Sokolina & Jain, speakers: Yan, Ekincioglu, Alvarez Isidro, Gomez Alfonso AI.22 (

3.3          SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography”—an ongoing project, first edition: The SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography (, second: CFS hereBarbara Opar and board of editors

3.4.        E-platforms in-progress:

  • SAH Women in Architecture Oral History Interviews—new website: Siefert, Opar, Sokolina transcription support Hannah Deichler, WiA AG intern supervised by Opar; new interviews to feature SAH past presidents, leadership, and outstanding SAH members
  • Mentoring Program: Internship & Students Practicum program—Gul Kale & administration team
  • WiA Grants & Fellowships Directory—Ipek Mehmetoglu & admin team

Discussion: ideas for interviewing SAH members; Kale on men scholars vs. women scholars’ participation in WiA group projects; Opar: after SAH Conference, new CFS to WIA Bibliography in SAH Opportunities; Siefert: OHI new website

4.            Virtual Power Structure: Communications/Media Team

Gratitude to: Yan Wencheng for weekly coordination, and to effective teams:

SAH Commons: Site SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (, Sokolina, (Dean); Group forum Members – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group – SAH Commons—open to all SAH members, admins: Siefert, Sokolina, Mehmetoglu, Willkens, contribution by Ekincioglu

LinkedIn SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group: Overview | LinkedInGor, Jain

Twitter @SAHWiAagWilkens; Instagram

Facebook SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate GroupKiana Darvish, intern supervised by Kale


5.            SAH WiA AG Responses to Survey in SAH Board Report

5.1.         Financial Impact

SAH WiA AG is seeking support of our programs and financial guidance of the SAH Board on:

A specialized support of software/advice/funding to publish our Registers projects, i.e.: 1) the website for the continuously expanding SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography, 2) the website for SAH WiA AG Oral History Interviews Project, 3) the Global Women in Architecture Network crosslinked database.  Also, for our new project updated regularly: The Grants and Fellowships List of sources that are essential and support research, publications, travel, student work, teaching, leadership, and institutional projects on women in architecture.

We seek SAH support to hire someone to professionally assist us with the tremendous work that must be going into the Registers, development/edits/transcription of Oral History Interviews; development of updated editions of SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography; other projects and events, e.g., the annual March Program: Celebrating Women’s History Month, SAH WiA AG international Outreach Program: Annual Book Festival

We seek administrative, collegial, and fiscal support of the SAH Board of our Program: The SAH Women in Architecture Library and Archive (No. 3: LEGACY COMMITTEE – SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group ( ).

5.2.         Recommendations for SAH Board

We are committed to contribute to the SAH mission, collaborate with our members across continents, and bring new members to SAH. We aim to advocate our cause of women in architecture by celebrating women’s pioneering achievements, with particular focus of professional leadership and scholarship of SAH members. Therefore, we are seeking approval of the SAH leadership of our annual academic participation in SAH International Conferences through presenting a SAH WiA AG session or a post-Conference virtual roundtable, to consistently and productively discuss historically silenced questions of gender equity, and to champion and feature female leaders and role models in our world-largest learned society of scholars in architecture.

We are in hope that our many innovative projects and proposals, e.g. The Annual Award for Distinction in Scholarship on the History of Women in Architecture, The SAH Women in Architecture Library and Archive, et al., will be continuously sustained by the SAH, and endorsed both academically and through appropriate funding advice and practice by SAH Board.